Ruminations on a Jewelry Store

My comrade on the street You haven’t slipped my mind A cardboard slab for comfort Smudged pleas, a soaked sign In the doorway of decadence Resting feet away from salvation Bars and locks deny you Your life is worth more Yet stones are given shelter Your rest will be disturbed Kicked by little pig hooves […]

New Year, Same Shit

Booze is just a miracle elixir, ain’t it? I spent my New Years Eve drinking cheap whiskey and it made me feel like everything was all right. It worked great for at least 2 hours until the chemical deception wore off and I was reminded that things fucking suck right now for most everybody. We’re […]

Revolution 101: Recommendations for New Leftists.

Recently (given our current climate), I have had several friends ask me for book/essay recommendations, documentaries to watch, and music/podcasts to listen to in order to understand leftist theory and practice. It’s too broad for a quick list or a simple conversation so I thought I’d create a post and show you all what I’ve […]

On Mental Health: Keeping your Brain in the Fight.

Before I start the full piece today I wanted to offer some quick resources right away for anyone experiencing mental health distress. For Canada: Number: 1.833.456.4566 (Links to useful numbers/organizations for adults and youth in need) (Canadian Mental Health Association has brochures, resource links, and news) For USA: Number: 1-800-273-8255 […]

On Religion: Why Anarchism and Religion can Coexist.

Happy Easter Weekend, friends and comrades. I just finished my yearly viewing of 1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar and thought I’d jot down a think piece. Let’s talk about anarchism and religion. I’m sure the title has already scared some of you off and honestly I can’t blame you. Religion has been cursed by hypocrites, sadists, […]