My New Life in Vancouver: Week 1

What they want me to see: VS What I really see: Well I moved to Vancouver. Last week, I officially pulled up my roots, left my job, my apartment and the island that I love in order to be with my partner and pursue further education on the mainland. It’s a difficult transition to say […]

New Year, Same Shit

Booze is just a miracle elixir, ain’t it? I spent my New Years Eve drinking cheap whiskey and it made me feel like everything was all right. It worked great for at least 2 hours until the chemical deception wore off and I was reminded that things fucking suck right now for most everybody. We’re […]

On Sacrifice: Coughing up Blood for the Economy.

To my loyal employees. This post is a gentle reminder from your friendly neighbourhood CEO. Getting us (by which I mean YOU) back to work is the top priority right now despite that Chinese/Democrat hoax quarantining people left and right. Your health can wait, but the economy can’t. I’m gonna have to sell my third […]

How a Pandemic Exposed the Cracks in Capitalism

Capitalism’s flaws are more exposed than ever before. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic for many people to take notice. Governments are bailing out billion dollar companies yet again. CEOs stay cozy and safe in their mansions while forcing their workers to clock-in or starve. Athletes, millionaires, and celebrities somehow get access to testing before the […]