Ruminations on a Jewelry Store

My comrade on the street You haven’t slipped my mind A cardboard slab for comfort Smudged pleas, a soaked sign In the doorway of decadence Resting feet away from salvation Bars and locks deny you Your life is worth more Yet stones are given shelter Your rest will be disturbed Kicked by little pig hooves […]

On Charity: Clout or Compassion?

Do you remember “The Cafe” episode from Seinfeld? To summarize, Jerry eats at a brand new cafe across the street because he feels bad about its lack of customers. Jerry gets a big head about his supposed altruism every time he eats there and constantly thinks about his mother calling him a “great guy” or […]

Happy (Belated) May Day!

Saturday (May 1st) was International Workers’ Day otherwise known as May Day. I wanted to make a post, but I was lucky to have a day off with my partner so we spent our time reading, painting, watching Netflix, and periodically napping. Our loved ones and general passions tend to be neglected in our pursuit […]

On Indignation: I Suffered So They Should Suffer Too!

I’ve never understood our propensity for defending institutions that have harmed us (or continue to do so), but I especially can’t understand folks wanting others to suffer as well. Those people like to preach fairness and personal responsibility without ever questioning the moral failings of that mindset. I have student loans and they’re taking a […]

On Sacrifice: Coughing up Blood for the Economy.

To my loyal employees. This post is a gentle reminder from your friendly neighbourhood CEO. Getting us (by which I mean YOU) back to work is the top priority right now despite that Chinese/Democrat hoax quarantining people left and right. Your health can wait, but the economy can’t. I’m gonna have to sell my third […]

How a Pandemic Exposed the Cracks in Capitalism

Capitalism’s flaws are more exposed than ever before. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic for many people to take notice. Governments are bailing out billion dollar companies yet again. CEOs stay cozy and safe in their mansions while forcing their workers to clock-in or starve. Athletes, millionaires, and celebrities somehow get access to testing before the […]

On Poverty Shaming: Capitalism’s Favourite Sleight of Hand.

The greatest deception in history is not the mythological Trojan Horse, Hannibal’s double envelopment at Cannae, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, or those sneaky WMDs somewhere in the general direction of Iraq. No, no I believe humanity’s most impressive deception is still ongoing and has been since capitalism’s inception. The marvelous magic trick I […]