Revolution 101: Recommendations for New Leftists.

Recently (given our current climate), I have had several friends ask me for book/essay recommendations, documentaries to watch, and music/podcasts to listen to in order to understand leftist theory and practice. It’s too broad for a quick list or a simple conversation so I thought I’d create a post and show you all what I’ve […]

On Religion: Why Anarchism and Religion can Coexist.

Happy Easter Weekend, friends and comrades. I just finished my yearly viewing of 1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar and thought I’d jot down a think piece. Let’s talk about anarchism and religion. I’m sure the title has already scared some of you off and honestly I can’t blame you. Religion has been cursed by hypocrites, sadists, […]

On Poverty Shaming: Capitalism’s Favourite Sleight of Hand.

The greatest deception in history is not the mythological Trojan Horse, Hannibal’s double envelopment at Cannae, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, or those sneaky WMDs somewhere in the general direction of Iraq. No, no I believe humanity’s most impressive deception is still ongoing and has been since capitalism’s inception. The marvelous magic trick I […]

And Here I Am…

I never thought I’d be a blogger, but my pitiless depression and need to vent convinced me otherwise. Maybe my fragile emotional state will help me produce something of worth in time. Besides, my 4th year Religious Studies professor always said that my writing sounded more like a sermon than an essay so blogging might […]