Revolution 101: Recommendations for New Leftists.

Recently (given our current climate), I have had several friends ask me for book/essay recommendations, documentaries to watch, and music/podcasts to listen to in order to understand leftist theory and practice. It’s too broad for a quick list or a simple conversation so I thought I’d create a post and show you all what I’ve […]

On Mental Health: Keeping your Brain in the Fight.

Before I start the full piece today I wanted to offer some quick resources right away for anyone experiencing mental health distress. For Canada: Number: 1.833.456.4566 (Links to useful numbers/organizations for adults and youth in need) (Canadian Mental Health Association has brochures, resource links, and news) For USA: Number: 1-800-273-8255 […]

Ally: An Outdated Fair-weather Word.

Once upon a time, the word “ally” used to mean something, but it has since been co-opted and corrupted. Fair-weather friends, white guilt mourners, corporations, and vapid celebrities/politicians have taken the word and abused it for their own benefit. It has become a term that “others” folks and pedestals ourselves. Ally seems to suggest that […]

On Religion: Why Anarchism and Religion can Coexist.

Happy Easter Weekend, friends and comrades. I just finished my yearly viewing of 1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar and thought I’d jot down a think piece. Let’s talk about anarchism and religion. I’m sure the title has already scared some of you off and honestly I can’t blame you. Religion has been cursed by hypocrites, sadists, […]