Happy (Belated) May Day!

Saturday (May 1st) was International Workers’ Day otherwise known as May Day. I wanted to make a post, but I was lucky to have a day off with my partner so we spent our time reading, painting, watching Netflix, and periodically napping. Our loved ones and general passions tend to be neglected in our pursuit […]

On Indignation: I Suffered So They Should Suffer Too!

I’ve never understood our propensity for defending institutions that have harmed us (or continue to do so), but I especially can’t understand folks wanting others to suffer as well. Those people like to preach fairness and personal responsibility without ever questioning the moral failings of that mindset. I have student loans and they’re taking a […]

Capitol, Fascists, and Trump, Oh My!

Well goddamn. I almost don’t know what else to say. Didn’t expect an attempted coup today, but here we are and 2021 has just begun! Firstly, it’s not anarchists like the media want you to believe. It’s not “violent” Antifa or Black Lives Matter supporters. Nope…sorry none of them. Trump’s army of loyal conspiracy theorists, […]

New Year, Same Shit

Booze is just a miracle elixir, ain’t it? I spent my New Years Eve drinking cheap whiskey and it made me feel like everything was all right. It worked great for at least 2 hours until the chemical deception wore off and I was reminded that things fucking suck right now for most everybody. We’re […]