Election 2021 Results: Same Shit, Same Pile, Still No Dental.

So Justin Trudeau won again. He wasted over 600 million bucks (and our precious time) only to end up in roughly the same position as before. Least it wasn’t the Cons I guess, but that’s a low low bar to reach. I don’t have a lot to say about the results honestly. We re-elected the status quo and now we gotta sit through another 4 years of neoliberal policies hidden behind a smile and faux allyship. Hurray? Can’t say I am surprised, but I’m disappointed that we can’t seem to move past this two party center-right/left competition. We deserve better from our representatives and I hope we do everybody a favour one day and elect someone who wants actual progress for the people. I just want someone willing to give us electoral reform, environmental protections, Indigenous rights, dental care, criminal justice reform, help for the opioid crisis, affordable housing, poverty relief and sustainable jobs. Is that so much to ask in this day and age? Since we don’t have that magical politician, don’t fuck this up, Trudy.

Always with the globalists. Photo Source: Penticton Herald, 2021

I want to end this short piece by laughing at Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! He didn’t get his seat back. Despite growing popularity from tinfoil hats, Neo-Nazis and anti-vax Karens, his party didn’t get a single seat either. That was really the only highlight of the night. So much for that purple wave. Was it cause they had to wear a mask to go vote? Or were they too busy screaming “Cultural Marxism!” at someone dying in an ambulance? Anyway, I feed off Bernier’s tears and his loss will sustain me until the next election cycle.

Sorry it wasn’t a long post today. I already ranted about this election earlier in September so I kinda got it out of my system. Let us face the same ol’ political crap together and maybe we can have a government to be proud of someday. Thanks as always for reading and I hope to see you again. Solidarity, my friends.


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