Election 2021: Wait…weren’t we just here?

Another election is upon us. Oh hurray. Trudy wants more time to indulge in neoliberal lies and excesses and the other parties want to take that privilege away from him OR make it all somehow worse if you’re talking about the Cons, PPC or the Bloc. I wrote a piece last year about my dissatisfaction with elections and politicians. To sum that post up, our elections are flawed and our politicians are mediocre and rarely held to account. They will almost always fail the working class (some willfully, some due to the nature of the system itself) in order to continue the capitalist status quo because that’s all they understand. No politician will be our saviour and no party is without flaws that need to be corrected. Now with that summary out of the way, let’s talk about this election in particular cause it’ll be a doozy. We’re likely to get fucked by whoever gets in so it’s best to find out who’s gonna buy us dinner and who’s just gonna toss a towel in our face and tell us to get the hell out. I’m just looking for a little chivalry from my greasy politicians. Is that so much to ask in 2021?

Image Source: CTV News, 2021

I honestly don’t know what to expect from this election. The chances for most of the candidates are pretty up in the air right now. Trudeau’s popularity is still moderately high, but it looks like O’Toole is gaining on him which is surprising considering O’Toole is devoid of personality and is also kind of a wiener. Singh is still popular with his party and the public, but hesitation about a Conservative victory may send supporters into the not-so-loving arms of the Liberals yet again. The Bloc is naturally still only for Quebec and for racism thinly disguised as nationalism. The People’s Party is just pretending to be oppressed by their privilege so they’re about the same as always. The Greens are imploding and don’t really know what to do about it. The fringe parties are just living a life of quiet contemplation and biding their time. That’s our current state of election fever. I hope you don’t catch it or COVID for that matter considering we’re having an election in the middle of another goddamn wave.

I don’t want to repeat myself from my 2020 piece, but I kinda have to in some places. Case in point, I still want the NDP to win and not because I wholeheartedly support the NDP cause lord knows that ain’t true. The BC NDP, for example, sucks and John Horgan was very lucky to run against the BC Liberals (who I loathe) and their hate-filled, anti-poor campaign or else he would have lost. The NDP are capitalism-lite, but at least Singh seems genuine in his desire to change our political and social structures for the better. He wants dental coverage finally, better wages, more taxes on billionaires and companies, more environmental protection (*cough* condemn Horgan’s deforestation/cop violence, Jagmeet), affordable housing and more human rights protections so at least he’s offering a somewhat bright future. I’m not naïve when it comes to politicians. Contrary to conservative boomer rants on Facebook, Jagmeet Singh will not radically change Canada into some socialist utopia where everyone works together, means of production are owned by the people, no one is unhoused or unfed and wealth no longer controls the government and stifles social services. See gif below:

No…no if he’s elected it’ll be a wee bit better than a Conservative or Liberal government yet still limited by the constraints of the Canadian political system, blind nationalism and fears of anything “too lefty”. I know this to be true, but an NDP government still gives those of us on the left more breathing room and opportunities to engage socially and politically. A Conservative government will smack us down hard because power is the only thing that makes them cum. Mind you that Liberals will smack us down too, but they’ll also give us a Pride sticker as compensation. An NDP government at the very least provides a foundation for change whereas the other governments will continue strolling down the same miserable path we’ve been on for decades. We love that path, don’t we folks?

“Think of what the Conservatives will do if WE don’t get in” -Every Liberal campaign Image Source: Re:politics, 2021

Now the million dollar question: Do I think that Jagmeet Singh can win? Yes and no. Mostly no. Maybe? I’m cynical regarding this so-called democratic process if you haven’t noticed. Part of me thinks that Canada is simply too devoted to the status quo to elect politicians who are in favour of broad social reforms. There’s the bigotry issue especially in Quebec where Jagmeet lost the NDP seats last election (can’t figure out why “off the top of my head”). As stated before, I’m also worried that voters whose ideals align with the NDP will still go for the Liberals out of fear of Conservative rule and, considering our flawed electoral system and no sign of it changing, that’s a valid fear. Remember when Trudeau said he’d give us some electoral reform in 2015? No? Must have been our collective imagination. Vote splitting and strategic voting are now integral to the Canadian voting experience and have cost the NDP seat after seat after seat every cycle. If everyone who wanted to vote NDP still voted for them in spite of their fears, they’d have a chance to end this two party system and maybe alter our course toward something better. I think Singh is at least earnest in his desire for change so that separates him from O’Toole’s vapid flag-waving and Trudeau’s preening. I don’t know if being relatively honest is enough to get you elected in this country though. We don’t seem to give a shit really. Guess we’ll see what happens come September 20th.

Here’s what I want from this stupid election and please listen closely. I want you to vote with your heart, but I also want you to vote with the interests of your neighbours, the environment, the disenfranchised and the future in mind. I’ve had it up to here with empty political promises, corruption and general imperialism from our leaders and I’ve had enough of the public just letting it happen. We can do better for others and the environment and we should demand better from the people we supposedly elect. What’s the point of paying their salary if they choose to work for corporations and the absurdly wealthy instead of the working class? Why do we simply accept their political narratives of the economy and patriotism and allow those shoddily crafted ideas to supersede the suffering of our land and our people? We allow them the comfort and security to play government and all the while they sell us out. Elections shouldn’t end up with leadership like this every single time. You would think we’d learn our lesson by now, but we’ve been inundated with so much propaganda and fear-mongering that we’re afraid of changing the system even if it benefits us as a whole. I’m just so friggin tired of this. I hate voting because I know that nothing will fundamentally change. I still vote despite my political leanings (though it’s getting a lot harder to justify it as harm reduction) because I want to believe in the democratic process, but until the system (and our mindset) is fixed it’ll always be an uphill battle for progressive and just policies and politicians. No matter who gets in, demand the Canada that you want to see. Make them earn their title every single day. Speak out, condemn their moral failings, punish greed and corruption, hold them accountable for campaign promises and never let them believe that we the people are lenient or complacent. A reminder that we are at a tipping point for the climate, economy, social unrest and disease and we can’t afford to bring in some politician that only seeks to “get us back to normal”. Normal is what got us into this mess and we need leaders unafraid to acknowledge that fact and actually address it. Do yourself and others a favour this election and don’t settle for more of the same. Good luck at the polls in a few weeks and stay masked up and safe while you’re there. Thanks as always for reading and I hope to see you again. Solidarity, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Election 2021: Wait…weren’t we just here?

  1. “A Conservative government will smack us down hard because power is the only thing that makes them cum. Mind you that Liberals will smack us down too, but they’ll also give us a Pride sticker as compensation.”

    That’s too real. That’s exactly my feelings about the Democratic party here in the US. I’ve been watching a few videos here and there about the election. It’s quite fascinating.

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    1. Canadians are always so self-righteous about our politics here and yet we share so many of the same issues with the parties in the States. It’s both funny and sad to see how similar neoliberal governments really are

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