Ruminations on a Jewelry Store

Photo Source: The Tyee, 2018

My comrade on the street

You haven’t slipped my mind

A cardboard slab for comfort

Smudged pleas, a soaked sign

In the doorway of decadence

Resting feet away from salvation

Bars and locks deny you

Your life is worth more

Yet stones are given shelter

Your rest will be disturbed

Kicked by little pig hooves

Sparkling rocks will sleep soundly

Thousands spent for vanity’s sake

While money passes you by

But In a better world

We’d break down that door

Give you the riches within

You would want for nothing

How I’d relish your triumph

No! I am still unsatisfied

A perfect world’s the key

Jewelry stores won’t taunt us

Their doors will swing open

Worthless diamonds free for all

Homes and food held higher

No one will shuffle you

There’s no wealth to defend

You’ll toss your sign aside

Now free from the shackles

With barriers broken and burned

We’d embrace in the ashes

And be reborn as one

Poem written for a man I saw sleeping downtown Vancouver, BC in the doorway of a Birks. You may recall that I composed a piece a few weeks back about my love/hate relationship with Vancouver. One of my main points of contention was Vancouver’s treatment of the unhoused and its desire to appeal to upper class tastes despite the suffering of its citizens. The sight of that human being curled in front of hundreds of thousands of dollars of worthless rocks perfectly reflected my continued frustration. In that moment, I wanted to smash that door down and give him everything inside. It wouldn’t be true justice I admit, however, it would be a start. He deserves our love more than shiny baubles, but he will get neither from a world that places more value on property than people. In the end, our neighbours are the only diamonds worth caring about and I sincerely hope that man will one day wake to a truly equitable and compassionate world. Such a life is possible and I want nothing more than to experience it alongside all of you. Please consider donating to the places below:


Thanks as always for reading and I hope to see you again. Solidarity, my friends.


4 thoughts on “Ruminations on a Jewelry Store

    1. I’d like to believe that more folks are waking up and seeing how sad past and present conditions are. I’m a firm believer in the inherent goodness of human nature after all.

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