Capitol, Fascists, and Trump, Oh My!

Donald Trump’s hobgoblins rally in Washington. Source: Toronto Star, 2021.

Well goddamn. I almost don’t know what else to say. Didn’t expect an attempted coup today, but here we are and 2021 has just begun! Firstly, it’s not anarchists like the media want you to believe. It’s not “violent” Antifa or Black Lives Matter supporters. Nope…sorry none of them. Trump’s army of loyal conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, militia LARPers, and drunken bros/karens stormed the US Capitol and wrecked shit in an attempt to stop Biden’s presidency. Cops basically opened the gates for them and might as well have kissed each of them tenderly to solidify the relationship. This is a huge mess to put it lightly. Democracy is gasping for breath half the time in the US and watching these white domestic terrorists (they ain’t protesting shit except their dwindling stranglehold) get away with this just keeps hammering that coffin closed. As of 8:30 PM PST, 4 people have died, over 50 people arrested, and 14 officers injured. Simply put, this was a stupid fucking idea from the stupid fucking Moron-in-Chief. Trump continues to play these games and think himself untouchable like he did back in 2016, but his Gathering of the Wankers today may finally wake some of the liberals and centrists up. This is your America and we “radicals” have been warning you about this man and his supporters for years!

Just a beautiful tweet

Trumpism and the orange turd himself were both born from State/public inaction and complacency. You don’t become a narcissistic, fascist sex predator when people regularly call you out on your bullshit and punish you for it. He’s been allowed to thrive as a stain on humanity because people either didn’t take him seriously or they bought into his “hype” as an often bankrupt a super successful businessman and thought “Hey! Business must be like country, huh? He do a good leader”. Trump isn’t an anomaly. The far-right is filled with wieners like him who are nationalistic, dim-witted, easily manipulated, and who suffer from delusions of grandeur and/or persecution. However, Trump was just way more marketable than some Klan leader out in Bumfuck, Nowhere so that helped him ascend to the most powerful seat in the world and screw the working class even more than he did as a corrupt businessman or (again) sex offender. I’ll admit that all of his supporters aren’t Nazis, but they support a man supported by Nazis so make of that what you will. He grasped the hearts and pussies of his base by appealing to their deepest and darkest thoughts and laser focused their blame on everyone besides him or his fetid swamp of politicians, CEOs, and lobby groups. Immigrants? Must be taking your jobs and dealing drugs. Democrats? All bought and sold unlike him…ya know the millionaire with a gold fetish. Leftists? Funded by Jewish billionaires and also the real fascists if you think about it. Trump took control like all aspiring fascists by changing the political narrative and shifting everyone’s attention to non-issues and conspiracy theories to explain why their lives suck. Indoctrination is an art that even a doofus can succeed at hence his election and continued avoidance of any punishment.

Source: GQ, 2016.

Trump is losing political support as we speak, but his base of followers continues to be strong. He still has the loyalty of right-wing media (even Fox News to an extent through his loyal lap dogs, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity), white supremacist groups, conspiracy theorists, Evangelicals, and a solid majority of the police forces. He was able to rally his goons today because of this loyalty and the effectiveness of his constant stream of lies and propaganda. Trump’s words still carry a lot of weight despite his imminent eviction date and we must confront the people and places that spread them. Twitter, for example, gave him a ban for 12 hours, but they’ve let him off the hook for years with hateful and bigoted rants so this was a smack in the face that shouldn’t be ignored. CNN and Fox News are both trying to pin the domestic terrorism on Antifa/anarchists despite all those State and Confederate flags so media bullshit like that should be called out for what it is. Companies, lobby groups, celebrities, and politicians who continue to support Trump even after all this should be boycotted and feel a sharp pain in their bank accounts. Friends and family who spread his nonsense should be confronted with the truth and the realities of the harm they propagate. This attack on Capitol Hill isn’t insignificant. The rise of fascism affects us all and our tolerance or ignorance of it (and the leaders who embody it) will lead to persecution and death as it always has in history. Don’t allow Trump or his followers a moment’s peace because they won’t stop if we continue to be forgiving. We ignore this breach of democracy at our own peril.

To close, take care of yourselves and each other. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again. Solidarity, my friends.


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