A Biden/Harris Presidency: For The People or the Status Quo?

Still works for 2020

And so Trump was defeated. Good. Frankly, he should’ve been tossed from the White House and offered up to the crowds long ago for his crimes. Unfortunately, true justice is rare and Trump will likely remain a free and guilty man until he dies from natural causes. Hope it’s sooner rather than later, you despicable sack o’ shit. Anyway, Biden’s liberal pandering campaign succeeded in defeating a fascist and his goons, but now he and his VP Kamala Harris have a difficult choice to make between pre-2016 so-called normalcy or true progress for the people. Will their campaign just be empty promises for victims and handshakes for stockholders? History tells me that they will try to maintain the same level of capitalist corruption while preaching liberalism like the good ol’ “drone the fuck outta civilians in the Middle East and pretend to drink Flint water” Obama years, but I’m also admittedly very cynical (albeit for good reason). Elections are pointless without action and Biden/Harris need to earn back a lot of trust after 4 years under the rule of a dumbass, racist tyrant. Let’s discuss this supposed victory and how Biden can possibly redeem democracy in the eyes of the oppressed.

Consider this post an open letter to the new President and Vice-President. The world is watching. Your citizens are suffering and have been for a long time. The Trump fans/propaganda networks are waiting for the first major scandal to break . You have a lot on your shoulders, but I am not here to offer my sympathies. You have both benefitted greatly from the system that brought Trump into power. Your inaction and complacency has allowed monsters to flourish while gorging themselves off the blood of the poor, BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, incarcerated, and immigrants. First off, I need you to abandon any and all notions of heroism here. You’re the clear “lesser of two evils” and barely an antidote to chaos so congrats on the win I guess. The real heroes are the doctors, nurses, first responders (EMTs, Firefighters, and not cops ACAB), the essential workers, the people protesting in the street every day and night, and the folks creating grassroots movements and fostering solidarity within communities in these “dog eat dog” times. They are the leaders that the USA truly needs, but you hold the power so now’s the time to use it. You ain’t saviours just because you aren’t backed by the klan or Fox News. I know you were hoping the bar would be that fucking low so you didn’t have to try, but the people deserve better than “we don’t snip eye holes in hoods” or “we’re not being retweeted by mass shooters”. You’re gonna have to work and you’re gonna have to prove yourselves to be accomplices for truth, justice, and change. Old habits won’t cut it anymore.

Photo Source: The New Yorker, 2016

As a Canadian, this election doesn’t affect me directly or so it would seem. I have heard from a great many people that I should stop focusing on your dealings down south, but America’s leadership has lasting repercussions for everyone. I am not merely speaking of economic or political repercussions, but rather the unfortunate sights and sounds of suffering. I feel for my brothers, sisters, and non-binary comrades in the USA and their struggles against Trump have not fallen on deaf ears. The world has had to watch a bigoted buffoon “lead the free world” while filling his pockets and inciting hatred, violence, and promoting ignorance. He’s destroyed your reputation and made a mockery of democracy and freedom to the delight of foreign autocrats and the dismay of everyone else. You and your fellow politicians watched this all happen. You condemned him sure and tried to do things the “legal” way, but your system allowed him to succeed and for 4 goddamn years! We held our breath as police murdered civilians, children were locked in cages, Neo-Nazis, alt-right losers and militias targeted minorities, people lost their homes, folks couldn’t work, a virus ravaged your citizens, and billionaires profited off the backs of the impoverished. Most of these happened under previous administrations, but Trump took full advantage of every weakness in your system and who could blame him? Corruption flourishes when the opportunity is there so naturally Trump was doing what every rich, white shithead would do if given the power and reach of the presidency. We saw him succeed in 2016, we witnessed the ensuing years of pain, we celebrated his failure to be re-elected, and now our eyes are on you. What will you do to clean up this mess?

The people who voted for you have to be relentless and demand immediate action and lasting changes from your new administration. Fair-weather liberals might just be happy to have Trump gone and go back to brunch, but to bend to their simplistic ideals is to perpetuate a cycle of poverty, prejudice and neglect pushed by your predecessors. Yeah they hated the orange bastard, but remained woefully ignorant of the systems and practices that helped him get elected in the first place. We on the “radical far-left” won’t be so easily satisfied however. You have to do better and leftists have to be the ones to keep your feet to the fire in case you slip up. We’re not happy to go back to “normal” while your system’s rigged against the working class. We won’t shut up while neighbours, friends, and family suffer under yet another mediocre lip-service presidency. Being better than Trump simply isn’t enough and many of my friends in the USA hated voting for you as the alternative. They voted as harm reduction and now I hope you’ll reward their faith with some form of democracy.

Don’t tease me, Donald. Don’t give me hope for that kind of leadership. Photo Source: Daily Mail. 2020

I want you to prove me wrong, Joe. You have never struck me as a man of the people. You’re just another fucking politician to me. I have watched your career and it’s one full of bad decisions and moral bankruptcy. You supported Bush’s war in Iraq that’s claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. You were instrumental in building the carceral state and your own VP helped fill those jails and prisons to burst. You pushed for the unjust “war on drugs” that directly targeted BIPOC communities. I could keep going, but then we’d be here all day. You sucked then so don’t suck now. Hell you barely won this election despite facing off against a Nazi-sympathizing moron who let 230,000+ citizens die from a virus and that really says something. I’m going to stop attacking your credibility because it’s time to be mildly positive for a minute. You have a chance to make a difference now. You can show me and everyone else that even career politicians can radically change their views and morals to better serve the people. You can sweep up the trash from 4 years of Trump and then also the remaining toilet scum from previous administrations. I don’t think you’ll be a leftist’s dream at all because your party’s desperate to get rid of anything vaguely socialist *cough* Bernie sabotage *cough*, but you can use your position to do more good than evil (please at least do that). You have a lot of work ahead of you come January and it’ll be the job of every voter, and especially every leftist, to keep you accountable. You’ve been handed the keys to the White House by a disgruntled populace that wanted ANYONE but Trump so keep humble and work your ass off. In conclusion, don’t fuck this up, Joe. With love, your friendly “dangerous alt-left, Antifa menace, outside agitator etc etc” neighbour to the north X.S.

Also for those of you who aren’t Joe Biden, thanks for reading. Hope to see you again soon. Solidarity, my friends.


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