And Here I Am…

I never thought I’d be a blogger, but my pitiless depression and need to vent convinced me otherwise. Maybe my fragile emotional state will help me produce something of worth in time. Besides, my 4th year Religious Studies professor always said that my writing sounded more like a sermon than an essay so blogging might just be up my alley. I started writing here because I began to question why I wasn’t feeling happy or satisfied in my life. Despite having a roof over my head, a beautiful and caring partner, and a steady job, my mind remained clouded by cynicism and self-loathing. Naturally, I felt shame in my personal struggle knowing that people had it far worse in my own backyard and abroad. In the grand scheme of things I was doing fine so who was I to complain? I’ve come to realize that my inescapable misery was derived from 30+ years of watching people suffer and feeling powerless to stop it. It has always been love that drove my anger and dissatisfaction and that devotion continues to fuel my ambitions. I seek liberation for you, me, and every single one of our brothers, sisters, and non-binary comrades from the pains of capitalist exploitation, sexual and racial bigotry, and colonialism. You’re worth more to me than your bank accounts, your social status, your sexuality, or your skin colour. I’m constantly dreaming and striving for a world where we are appreciated as human beings instead of loveless machines built to accumulate debt and die. We CAN have have this future together, but our brighter horizon is obstructed by monsters of our own creation. Indulge me for a moment and perhaps we can expose these malignant forces and illuminate the way forward.

I intend to use this blog as a way to examine systemic issues and how we can work through them. We are held back both by societal failures like homelessness, racism, job and food insecurity, homophobia, and colonialism (and the list goes on) and our tolerance of those who exploit these flaws for their own benefit. I don’t claim to be perfect and nothing on this blog will ever suggest otherwise. I have had thoughts and opinions that now disgust me. I have worked jobs that I’m not proud of. I continue to acknowledge and fight against internalized biases. I am always in the process of bettering myself and I’m hoping this blog will serve as a place of positive change and discussion for everyone. Finally, know that every post here will come from the heart. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again. Solidarity, my friends.


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